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Our History

Driven to promote a healthier lifestyle, Broomhead Bar created a product that would help maximize potential goals while minimizing its ingredients.  A business that came together by chance, Broomhead Bar now strives to make its mark in becoming the premier choice protein source in the health and fitness industry.

Before ever meeting her future business partner, Terry had the goal of creating an all-natural protein source that would meet her dietary standards, as well as separate it from the rest of the market. Sparking her trainer’s interest, Kevin only had to try her protein bars once to realize she was on to something.

The excitement led to the creation of a business partnership and the introduction of the Broomhead Bar in January of 2014. By design, “Broomhead Bar” offers a low caloric, all-natural, gluten free protein bar with 18g of quality whey isolate protein, along with a taste that is far superior to any of its competitors.

We not only encourage, but challenge each individual with health and fitness related goals to try our all natural protein bar, as we assure you that you will not be disappointed.  Join the Broomhead Bar family and make us your “every day, anytime bar,” as it is our mission to help you strive to not only achieve these goals, but soar beyond them.

Terry Broomhead

Being a successful entrepreneur has always been a goal for Terry. Her creativity and passion has given Broomhead Bar the push to become a reality. Terry is a fitness enthusiast who has strived to maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout most of her life.   Along with running TEKRfitness she is currently employed full time, dedicated wife, mother of 3 sons and avid obstacle course racer. When she’s not working or spending time with her family, you can find her training for her next Spartan race competition. She has placed in several Spartan races she’s competed in, and in 2014, achieved her ultimate goal of completing her first trifecta. With aspirations of repeating this feat in the upcoming year, Terry looks to inspire others by proving that with a positive attitude and strong determination, you can achieve any goal.

Healthy Food

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Kevin Kutansky

As an up and coming entrepreneur and former college athlete, Kevin possesses the driving force for the Broomhead Bar’s success. Kevin is a personal trainer dedicated to helping his clients achieve their health and fitness goals. His teaching and training methods provide his clients with the tools to maintain healthy eating and lifestyle habits. His unique style and expertise in the fitness industry is a winning formula for achieving results. He graduated from Valparaiso University with a BS in Physical Education and is currently employed as a master trainer.


Lansing, IL.